EOTM Awards

About the EOTM Awards : “An accolade presented by the EOTM Radio & TV Network celebrating entrepreneurial achievements and performances in business, philanthropy and the arts (recordings, television, radio, literature, film, directing and writing). The EOTM Awards Show will also present “The Aaron Hatcher Award” to key individuals and organizations that promote human rights and social justice.”


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Farrah Abraham arrives at the EOTM Awards

Filming: Broken Angels

broken angels pic

Broken Angels is a script written by Antoine Mizel. The script shows the raw nature of a teenage girl’s hardships. It takes a special cast to pull off the depth that is involved for each of the characters in the script.  Pre-production has already begun with over 300 applicants auditioning for roles.  After extensive searching the cast has been selected.   Locations have been locked down. Filming starts in July.

Horror’s Night Out with the Los Angeles Film Premiere of See No Evil

The sidewalk was full of smiles as cast, crew, and friends greeted each other before the Los Angeles Premiere of See No Evil. The only screaming came from the film as the cast explained how well and how loud each had to scream when they were filming.  Horror icons such as Michael Barryman, Dee Wallace, and Suze Lanier-Bramlett from The Hills Have Eyes.

Other celebrities mingled with the cast and crew to show their support for their loved ones and friends.

Speak No Evil - Los Angeles Premiere

Sins of the Father: Film Production Update

Director Allyn Camp and Producer Jenna Urban have already cast the lead actors for the film, “Sins of the Father.”.  Wardrobe fitting and locations have been secured.  Extras are still needed.  Please check back for updates and photos soon. Shoot date is set for late March 22-24, 2013.

Conversation With My Breakfast: Production Update

Director Allyn Camp and Producer Jenna Urban have already cast two lead actors for the film, “Conversation with Breakfast” have already been cast.  The lead actors are Del Zamora and Brenda Nicole Walsh. Wardrobe fitting and locations have been secured.  The other actors being used might surprise you! Please check back for updates and photos soon. Shoot date is set for March 21, 2013.

Poster for Conversations With My Breakfast
Poster for Conversations With My Breakfast

44th NAACP Image Awards

The NAACP Image Awards at The Shrine Auditorium hosted some of the most exciting talent in the industry last Friday night. As always, we were excited to see the dignified Reathy Gray from “Off Their Rockers” who seemed to be beaming in spite of not receiving a nomination. We’ll try to let the oversight go. The fashion varied from devastatingly gorgeous to simply devastating, but I must say I loved Monica Cabbler’s very French number with her matching coiffure and Karen Kelly’s sweetly embellished, little black dress. Another actress of Django Unchained who exhumed confidence in her short little number was Daniele Watts. We had a difficult time catching up to the film’s stars as Tarantino’s latest was all the buzz.

Urban Media did get to speak with the colorful cast of The Pastor Frank show came to chat up their new pilot which looks to be both an inspirational and hilarious realty series. Then we caught up with our friend, Paul Tirado, who we anticipate seeing on the silver screen soon in the creepy flick, Slink. We also enjoyed seeing one of our favorite budding actors recently appearing in the short-film Abduction, the charming Noah Dahl who appeared with another emerging talent, Tai Urban, the star of the story. We would have tried to talk to giants like Tracy Morgan, but he didn’t show up for his nomination.

While the gracious and graceful Kerrie Washington took the most trophies at the NAACP Image Awards, the Django Unchained actress might learn a thing or two about red carpet fashion from the striking and elegant, Halle Berry. Her co-star and fellow winner, Jamie Foxx, got away with trendy dressing down, but Washington will clearly be needing a few more gowns if the night’s three victories tell what’s yet to come for her. Celebrity Apprentice’s Claudia Jordan was certainly hard to miss in an electrified magenta and fuchsia blend. LL Cool J, of course, looked delicious as ever and backed that up with a win for NCIS.
-Writer: Amy Arena